Secret Story of the Singh Nod

“We followed an unwitting Sikh and identified 3 different types of Singh Nod” -Sri Davinder Singh Atteh-da-bora

The Secret Story of The Singh Nod is a short video revealing a greeting that is being made the whole World over every single day, but which is also going unnoticed. It is akin to the handshakes of secret societies or the mutual acknowledgement made between 50-something year old white men in corporate boardrooms when passing over women for promotions. Intrepid explorer and anthropologist Sri Davinder Singh Atteh-da-bora went on to the ground in London to follow a Singh who makes these greetings – or ‘nods’ – so that the secret story could be brought out for all to see.

Narvir Singh
Pardeep Singh Bahra
Tiran Singh Bharj
Sahib Singh Pooni
Harvy Mander

Gurbir Singh Nakhwal

Harwinder Singh Mander
Gurbir Singh Nakhwal
Bhups Deol

Who Killed Bobby Rai

Bobby Rai, an ordinary young man of a Punjabi-Sikh background was murdered in highly suspicious circumstances as he walked home from his local train station. He had become one of the most recognisable spokesmen in the #iPledgeOrange movement the previous year and his murder came as a shock at a time when Sikh activism in the UK had mostly dissipated. A lack of suspects and rumours of an investigative cover-up leads the 9-6 Network to investigate ‘Who Killed Bobby Rai?’

A short docu-fiction inspired by real life events and in tribute to the #iPledgeOrange movement.

Narrator … Bhupinder Deol
Daljit Singh … Sulakhan Singh Khosa
Rick … Ben Gardner Gray
Carrie … Shauna Leone
Doug … Alex Corbet Burcher
Ryan … Nour Eid
Raghbir … Iqbal Singh Grewal
Commuter … Kate Stern-Weiner
Paramedic … Mena Shah
‘Sikh 1’ … Gurbir Singh
‘Sikh 2’ … Narvir Singh
Bobby Rai … Harvy Mander

Director and Writer … Harwinder Singh Mander
Director of Photography … Gurbir Singh
Sound Recordist … Narvir Singh
Composer … Bobby Singh Kang
Producers … Harwinder Singh Mander and Narvir Singh
Executive Producer … Jagdip Singh Mander