Sardaar from Afar

Sardar from afarSardar jee…

I see you from across the street,
You get closer and we’re about to meet,
I look over for a quick second,
I go for the nod, cause I reckon,
You’ll reply…by lookin’ me right in the eye.

We both have a turban on our head,
But instead, of breaking bread,
Your eyes look straight dead…forward
You serve a plate of distaste,
Almost embarrassed of another brother’s embrace,
So my nod and smile,
Still look wild for a while,
In this concrete jungle,
No time for pleasantries,
when running through rubble.

Why should I have to think twice?
When I’m just trying to be nice.

After I reflect, I remember to never expect,
As a polite nod is not always met.

So my fellow sardar brother,
Why not respond to another,
Sardar from afar,
Don’t see me as an other
We both fight the same battles daily,
Same exact ones since we were babies,
Probably even from the same town,
We even wear the same crown,
Yet your default response is to… look straight down and frown.

Basically, I just wanna say,
If you’re having a bad day,
Say hi, fateh, hey,
Smile back at smiles
Nod back at nods,
Let’s mend social wrongs
And prove we can all get along… as one.

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