Playing around with alliteration.
Recorded on internal laptop mic.



Tracing tracks, terrible tyrants
trying to tie a tyre or turban
knotting a normal naked neck
Bleeding blood into the beard
I’m far from falseness, I feel the fear
Propagated poisonousness propaganda
Pierces through the pieces of popular
Memories and memoirs of the members
Gracefully gifted the genocide given,
generalises the generation’s guise gone.
feeling a forgotten freedom is fried
like a king killing a kingdom i lied
for special spots of silent solitude
Feeling feeble for folks falling for
flavoured food
victims are violently violated
Dunk the dumb like it was a donut
mind my middle is me missing
fleeing from feeling forgotten
Total tension is twice as tight
rest relived, reading right
Sense of scary sensations
payback in packs of patience
alien ability, expressed to
alleviate illiterates
from alienation
arising using
and always

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