I live for…


I live for the father without a home
Who came from Punjab lost and alone
Struggling to upkeep a painful debt
Tried everything for his dreams
to connect

He was sleeping under a bridge in Heston
He always had one eye open when resting

So the Bollywood dream hits reality,
And is quickly revealed as a fallacy

Stays in a bubble, uses dope to cope
Hides his trouble, from faithful folk

To keep Punjab unaware he hides,
retreated, deleted from their lives,

So while you’re lying in your bed,
He’s try’na work out,
how he gonna get fed


I live for the woman suffering in silence

Every day is another day of domestic violence
Has a bruised temple, goes to the temple,
For relief and care, but leaves with stares,
Next week a bruised nose and everybody knows,
As gossip runs wild like a forest fire,
Shes looking for a level higher,
but her family…. full of liars,

Said they’d be there for whatever, whenever
Not so clever after all,
as they weren’t there at all,

Gave her husband everything he ever needed,
yet she still bleed-ed that night.
This time it just wouldn’t… stop.
Couldn’t be covered by the cloth,

Dreams ripped out of her heart,
left alone in the darkest of dark


I live for the kid straight out of school,

A kinda cool fool,
with a need for weed,
Or anything stronger,
Or anything wrong-er
For escapism.

Special occasions he finds some coke
Helps him cope, when running low on hope
Kinda like his father back in the day
when he first came to the UK
He sees hugs in the drugs,
Drinks in jugs, at a time,
helps him rewind to a happier time
Where confidence was outside the bottle,
Before his mum was throttled,
by his pops, Eyes popped,

Before he failed exams,
A steady hardworking man,
ready to win the world for fam

Now his addictions are too heavy
And his dad refuses to levy,
The debt and destruction
So he decides to jump

Will you catch him?

Or will you think he deserved it
And serve the kid
with insults like
‘crackhead was stupid’

The weird thing is,
all this tragedy
happened in the same family
Father, mother and son,
All labelled as dumb
by the very same community
Meant to save them from harm.

Stop the fears
Feel the tears.

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